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Jane and Jones

We’re creatives, we’re nature lovers, and we’re best friends. We are Claire Jones and Sammy Jane Bell, and together we are Jane and Jones Flower Co.


We are hooked on the joy flowers can bring to the everyday, and our handcrafted designs are made with love, care and consideration - this is our biggest passion! 


And because we’ve dubbed ourselves passionate floral collaborators, we want to share our passion with you, through good old fashioned, friendly service. We want to get to know you, and how we can make your floral dreams a reality - and yes, we really went there! 


We believe in community and we show support to our local growers, producers and other creatives wherever we can. And being true nature lovers at heart, we do our best to reduce our environmental impact.


Outside of flowers - is there such a thing? - There’s a good chance we’re hanging out with our little peeps, making the most of our sunny days by meandering in our gardens - and if we’re honest, we’re probably letting our minds wander to flowers!


We only use the freshest blooms in our handcrafted creations, and combined with our attention to detail, we aim to create floral designs that mean something to you. 


Life is a celebration, weddings, events, laughter, memories made even better with flowers. Let us be the glue that sticks it all together!